Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Carpet For Your Office

Whilst most business owners today prefer to go with the hard surfaces trend as a flooring option because of the many benefits they offer, there are still many who look forward to incorporating a good carpeting surface inside their offices. This is because a good quality carpet is capable of bringing warmth, colour and texture to a room. In addition to this, a carpet also helps to keep rooms warmer in the winter. Carpet is an easy to lay, effective flooring choice if you are short on time or want to save on labour costs.

The key to finding the best carpet for your office is to do your research and know all of your options. Here we have compiled a few things for you to consider before making your purchase:


As soon as you decide to incorporate carpets to your business premises or replace your existing ones for a newer, fresher look, the first and foremost thing you have to consider is the cost. Whilst you may have seen a couple of advertisements offering carpets at a rather inexpensive price, it is still a smart choice to ask for a quotation from your prospective supplier and get an estimate of how much it would really cost you.

Room Use

When you’re finally able to find a supplier which can offer a more competitive service at the right price range, think of where you will be using your carpets. Use these guide questions to help you decide:

How is the room going to be used?

Is there a light or heavy foot traffic in the room?
Is the room the centre of activity for meetings or entertaining?
Is there direct access from outside?

Material choices

After determining in which rooms you will be installing the carpet, it is an essential factor to know the different material choices you have for options. Here are the three material selections you can choose from:


Polyester is by far the least expensive option and is a synthetic fibre which can have a slightly plastic feel. The good thing is, this material is considered hard-wearing, stain resistant and durable which makes it popular for many business offices.


Whilst nylon is also considered a synthetic product, it is much softer and more durable compared with polyester. The cost places it in the mid-range but with its stain-resistant and colour retaining qualities, you can say that nylon is a well-priced, all-purpose carpet.


Whilst wool is the most expensive option and tends to be more susceptible to staining, as well as requiring more care and maintenance compared with its synthetic alternatives, it is the most popular choice. It is a very resilient natural fibre that is soft underfoot, capable of keeping its shape despite heavy furniture or foot traffic.

Finishing choices

When you finally decide on the material you require, it is also important to consider the carpet construction. Here are the four carpet finishing you can choose from:

Plush Pile

A popular choice as it’s soft underfoot but can be quite distracting in open-plan rooms because it tends to flatten and will show marks from foot traffic and vacuuming.

Twist Pile

An option preferable to plush as it is also easy to lay, feels soft but much is harder to flatten and marks are less likely to show.

Loop Pile

Loop pile sits upwards like an upside-down U and is less likely to flatten which can provide a more uniform look.

Cut and loop

Last but not least, a cut-and-loop carpet is a blend of two styles forming various patterns and designs which can make a narrow room feel more square looking.

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