Truths About Luxury Vinyl Tiles

A new flooring for offices, schools, or other commercial areas should be planned in advance. Research is also needed to make sure that you are getting the right kind of flooring to be used in a specific area. Now, if you have already planned for your new flooring, and luxury vinyl tile is not on your list, you may be missing out on the advantages this kind of tile has to offer.

Here at Nailsea Flooring, we believe in the power of Luxury Vinyl Tiles to make your commercial space into something extraordinaire. Here are some of the things that make luxury vinyl tiles superb:

1. Adaptability
A good thing about luxury vinyl tiles is that you can make it look like other materials to complement your commercial space. Are you going for a vintage theme? Natural Stone! Do you want a homey feel? Hardwood! Whatever design or theme you want, luxury vinyl tiles can adapt for you.

2. It Has a Wide Variety
Aside from being able to look like other flooring types, another great thing about luxury vinyl tiles is its wide variety of patterns, textures, and colours. There are endless designs that you can choose from.

3. Low Maintenance
Did you know that maintaining a luxury vinyl tile requires a minimal amount of effort? You can just sweep or mop the tile from time to time and it will still look great.

4. Better Temperature Control
When the temperature drops during winter, flooring types like hardwood, natural stone or ceramic tile can be very hard and unpleasant to walk on. On the other hand, luxury vinyl tiles will stay warmer than the others making it a great choice.

5. It is Waterproof
Some commercial areas require the use of water and it is unavoidable that spills will happen sometime. Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof (except for the seams) and these spillages will do no harm to your vinyl tiles.

6. Stain-Free
Aside from being waterproof, it is also stain-free. Since luxury vinyl tiles do not allow liquids to soak in, then it also cannot stain it.

7. Durability
Your luxury vinyl tile will still look great even after many years thanks to the clear wear layer on top of the tiles. This layer takes the impact of any misuse such as spills, stain and just the typical wear and tear.

8. Versatility
Luxury Vinyl Tiles is not just limited to ‘tiles’. It is also available as planks which can be used as another level of design especially if you are going for the hardwood flooring look.

9. It Reaches the Grade
Some floorings do not reach the minimum grade and therefore, it cannot be used in places that are below ground. The good news is, luxury vinyl tiles is one of those kinds of flooring that reaches the grade. This means that the tile can be installed in any room of your choice!

10. Affordability
Of course, what we all want is something exquisite. However, we also want to get the perfect look without breaking the bank. If you want a combination of beauty and affordability then you should choose luxury vinyl tiles as your flooring.

With these truths, you might already be considering having luxury vinyl tiles as flooring for your business. Nailsea Flooring will gladly help you with all your luxury vinyl tiles concerns. If you have any concerns or questions, you can call our team at 07970 105791 or send us a message at We will also give you a free no-obligation quote when you contact us!

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