What are the Benefits of Using Carpet Tiles?

One of the latest trends in office and home interiors is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles or carpet squares are the newest and fashionable substitute for carpet rolls. Carpet tiles are mainly used in commercial settings, however, they can also be used in places such as schools, airports and residential areas.

We have compiled below some of the many attributes of carpet tiles.

1. Easy-to-install
One of the best characteristics of carpet tiles is that they are easy to install. You can opt to use a double-sided carpet tape or an adhesive. Carpet tiles can be installed in just one afternoon.

2. Easy to Maintain
Spilt juice on your carpet tile? Are there clumps of dust on it? You don’t need to worry as you can easily clean it up just like a normal carpet. Get your vacuum out and let it do its job! If the stain is hard to remove, then just remove the square and replace it with a new one. Your floor will look as good as ever.

3. Very Durable
Don’t be fooled! Carpet tiles may seem fun but these tiles have superior durability. The tiles are engineered to endure high foot traffic. So whatever activity you do, your carpet tiles will still look brand new.

4. Environment-Friendly
Did you know that most modular carpet tiles use recycled materials? You are not only making your space look nice, you are also helping the environment.

5. Variety of Installation Options
Since carpet tiles are very versatile, you can install the tiles for the entire room or you can install just a few patches. Feel free to use the tiles to your desired design.

6. Easy to Remove
If you are to move office spaces or houses, you may bring your carpet tiles with you and use them again. As mentioned earlier, carpet tiles are installed by using adhesive or double-sided carpet tape. This makes it easy for the carpet tiles to be removed.

7. Mix and Match
Carpet tiles come in many unique colours and designs so there is no limit as to what you can create from them. Just mix and match the tiles to your liking. You can also make a variety of patterns just by placing them in different positions to create a unique look.

8. Installed Anywhere You Want
The versatility of these tiles also allows you to install them anywhere you want. Office spaces, schools, airports, living rooms, bedrooms, you name it! They can even be used in the garage.

9. Waterproof
Another great thing about carpet tiles is they are waterproof, and this adds to the durability of the tiles.

10. Placed on Any Part of Rooms and Corners
Carpet tiles can be installed on corners and hard to reach places. Unlike carpet rolls which are designed to have a fixed size and shape, you can use carpet tiles wherever you want them to be placed.

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