Why Choose LVT for an Office Refurbishment?

The choice of flooring in an office refurbishment plays an important role in the overall ambience of the office environment. There are many types that you can install such as carpet flooring, wood flooring and luxury vinyl tiles. For an office environment, Luxury Vinyl Tiles have characteristics that make it the perfect choice. Here are some of the advantages you obtain from installing LVT to your office space:


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an affordable option not only for residential but also commercial property. In an office environment where there is heavy foot traffic, it is necessary that the flooring you’ll be using is durable. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are specially made to be durable as they can last from 25-30 years. Due to its lifespan, LVT is a cost-effective option since you don’t have to replace the tiles for many years.

When compared to hardwood and laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is much quieter to walk on. This is a plus since in an office environment unnecessary noise shouldn’t be an issue. Installing hard flooring can be an issue especially if it distracts the employees and the management. Did you know that the thickness of luxury tiles is directly correlated to the amount of soundproofing it can give?

Offers Design flexibility

As LVT comes in an extensive range of designs, you can find one that is suitable for your commercial premises. Don’t be afraid to ask us, at Nailsea, so that we can help you make the right decision.

As mentioned, LVT offers a wide range of design options and styles. It can even mimic the look of natural stone or wood at a fraction of the price and without the complex maintenance requirements. There are also modern LVT that have embossed designs giving it a more realistic feel.

One misconception about Luxury Vinyl Tiles is that the printed design will wear away because of use. This is not true as the design is printed onto the film layer of the tile and is protected by the wear layer. This design protects your tile’s design against scuffs and scratches.

Simpler Maintenance Requirements

Natural wood, stone flooring and other hard surface flooring are difficult to maintain. It has very specific maintenance requirements to avoid staining or damaging the surface. However, if you choose to install Luxury Vinyl Tiles, maintenance will be easy. LVT flooring has a protective wear layer that does not require waxing and polishing. All you have to do is sweep and mop to maintain it’s appearance. You may need to reapply the wear layer but you’ll have to wait for 10 years to do that.

These are just some of the advantages that you can get if you choose Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring for your office refurbishment. If you are looking for a company to help you with installation and maintenance, look no further!

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